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Medicines and pharmaceutical advice from Nokia 1st Pharmacy

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If you have questions about medications, or need medication advice, you will always receive high-quality and friendly pharmacy service from us. The professionals at Nokia's 1st Pharmacy are happy to guide you on the correct and safe use of medicines. We also provide information on medication storage, drug interactions, and, for example, medication use during pregnancy or lactation. Whatever question you have related to medication or medication advice, our staff is here to help!

We serve prescription customers with queue numbers. Our pharmaceutical staff provides you with up-to-date instructions on the correct use of medicines and also advises on issues related to Kela reimbursements.

We Accept Medicinal Waste

Nokia's 1st Pharmacy accepts expired and unused medicines from households for free. All returned pharmaceutical waste is sent for hazardous waste processing.

The pharmacist is responsible for the quality of the pharmacy's medicines. If the medicines have been in the customer's possession, they cannot be resold. Therefore, unused medicines are not refunded to the customer. This practice is based on the Medicines Act and the guidelines given to pharmacies by the authorities.

We have a separate collection point for pharmaceutical waste in our pharmacy.

Please note the following when returning expired and unused medicines:

  • Remove patient information from medication packages (such as instruction labels).
  • Bring medicines to the pharmacy preferably in a transparent, sealed plastic bag.
  • You can remove tablets and capsules from their original packaging. Tablets and capsules in blister packs do not need to be removed. Empty glass jars can be taken to glass recycling, and empty plastic jars to the waste bin.
  • Liquid substances preferably in their original packaging in a separate plastic bag.
  • Always return iodine tablets and other iodine-containing medicines in a separate transparent plastic bag in their original packaging. Iodine-containing products include Jodix tablets and Betadine and Iodosorb products.
  • Return mercury-containing thermometers separately from pharmaceutical waste. Seal broken mercury thermometers, for example, in a sealed glass jar.
  • Return syringes and needles separately from pharmaceutical waste. For safety reasons, pack them in a puncture-proof package, such as an empty plastic bottle or glass jar.
  • The pharmacy only accepts pharmaceutical waste, mercury-containing thermometers, syringes, and needles. The pharmacy does not accept other wastes (e.g., chemicals, hairspray bottles, battery-operated thermometers or other electrical devices, batteries, etc.).

Thank you for your cooperation!

Check the availability of your medicine from the Medicine Search service

Nokia's 1st Pharmacy is participating in the Medicine Search service, through which you can check the stock status of the medicine you need at your selected pharmacy. The service is user-friendly and, in addition to availability, provides information on the interchangeability of medicines. If you need guidance on how to use the service, we are happy to help!

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