Dose Dispensing and Comprehensive Medication Review

Dose Dispensing of Medicines at Nokia’s 1st Pharmacy

Dose dispensing makes life easier when the medication involves several different medicines.

The dose dispensing service at Nokia's 1st Pharmacy is designed especially for people whose ongoing medication involves several different medicines. The Dosse dose dispensing service is also an excellent choice when assistance is needed in implementing the medication.  

What are the benefits of dose dispensing of medicines?

  • The purpose of dose dispensing is to simplify the use of medicines: you receive two weeks' medicines conveniently dispensed into dosage pouches. The medicines are dated and marked by the time of day in a clear single-dose pouch. This supports the implementation of the medication.
  • Dose dispensing creates safety as it minimizes medication administration errors.
  • Automated collection is a hygienic option.
  • Automated dose dispensing is also an economical choice as the customer pays only for the dispensed medicines, not for the packages.
  • In addition, the dose dispensing service always includes a medication assessment, which ensures the compatibility of the prescribed medicines for the patient and minimizes medication side effects.

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Comprehensive Medication Review improves medication safety

Our pharmacy services also include a comprehensive medication review conducted by a specially trained and qualified pharmacy professional. This is a thorough review aimed at identifying potential problems in the medication. Patient medication and health information is used in preparing the assessment. The process also includes an interview with the patient or a relative, for example.

Comprehensive Medication Review

  • improves medication safety,
  • minimizes medication side effects and inappropriate overlapping medications,
  • ensures the compatibility of medicines, and
  • the appropriateness of the medication.

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Check the availability of your medicine from the Medicine Search service

Nokia's 1st Pharmacy is participating in the Medicine Search service, through which you can check the stock status of the medicine you need at your selected pharmacy. The service is user-friendly and, in addition to availability, provides information on the interchangeability of medicines. If you need guidance on how to use the service, we are happy to help!

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